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  • Nourishing face serum
    Nourishing face serum

    • Veggie product: yes• Effect: hydration, nutrition• Skin type: all•...

    69,00 zł
  • Choco-Rose Lip Balm
    Choco-Rose Lip Balm

    • Veggie product: no (bee wax)• Effect: hydration, • Skin type: all•...

    20,00 zł

A few years ago, two gentlemen began to make soap. They worked with Grandma's old-fashioned recipes and homemade tools and machinery. The soap was natural, ecological, healthy and mainly made with goat's milk. Real szare mydło soap (a traditional Polish soft grey soap that nowadays is genuinely hard to stumble upon) was also among the soap goods that they crafted There was no eco-awareness and knowledge about organic products at the time so our gentlemen remained in the shadow of large companies’ goods and low-priced products. Read more...

  • • Veggie: yes
    • Effect: tones, refreshes, moisturizes, soothes redness
    • Skin type: All type
    • Scent: rose (no aroma)
    • Volume: 50 ml

    Damascus Rose Water. A bottle with a mister top. It prevents skin dehydration. It nourishes tired skin and tones it. For all skin types.

    This is our first...

    22,00 zł
  • • Veggie soap: yes
    • Effect: highly moisturizing
    • Skin type: dry, sensitive
    • Scent: fresh cotton
    • Weight: +/- 85 grams

    Fatty Soap is rich in 3 highly moisturizing ingredients, i.e. shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil. This soap has a delicate and pleasant scent of cotton.


    15,00 zł
  • • Veggie soap: yes
    • Effect: highly moisturizing
    • Skin type: dry, sensitive
    • Scent: cocoa (no aroma)
    • Weight: +/- 85 grams

    Cocoa Soap is made of 3 highly moisturizing ingredients: cocoa butter, pomace oil and plum kernel oil. The soap is gentle and good for everyone.

    A delicate,...

    15,00 zł
  • • Veggie product: yes
    • Effect: hydration, nutrition, anti-cellulite
    • Skin type: all
    • Scent: no
    • Size: 180 g

    We have been testing, probing, experimenting with the consistency for a long time to achieve just the right one. And finally we have the champ!

    This scrub exfoliates dead skin cells, improves blood...

    35,00 zł