About us

A few years ago, two gentlemen began to make soap. They worked with Grandma's old-fashioned recipes and homemade tools and machinery. The soap was natural, ecological, healthy and mainly made with goat's milk. Real szare mydło soap (a traditional Polish soft grey soap that nowadays is genuinely hard to stumble upon) was also among the soap goods that they crafted There was no eco-awareness and knowledge about organic products at the time so our gentlemen remained in the shadow of large companies’ goods and low-priced products.

Starting Muzeum Mydła i Historii Brudu (the Museum of Soap and History of Dirt) was actually a small manufacturing business idea that was sprouting in the heads of its founders: a certain soap maker and a female tour guide.

And so the adventure begins! The main attraction was to be glycerin soap making workshops. However, we wanted something more.

Here in our story a crucial player comes in – Magda - who after a decent time spent tour guiding the Museum, began to storm the soap making field.

Magda has a chemical education (so says the name of the school she graduated from), she did tourism industry education (so says the name of the class she attended) and she studied Polish Philology (well, that’s her degree studies).

Yet it is wide of the point in our story here.

The point is that Magda has seriously become bewitched, bothered and bewildered by soap making! It has sucked her in for good. She has been conducting tests and has been doing research as to which ingredient mixes well with which to achieve our dream effect. She chases recipes and formulas, keeps track of internet forums, checks Facebook, reads books and searches the Internet nooks and crannies. When she has an idea, she starts to act upon it and seeks people willing to try out the revolutions with her. Then, she notes down the reactions.

Magda has been crafting beautiful soap, yet since last year she has grown to be a real master - both in terms of soap properties an