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• Veggie soap: yes
• Effect: cleansing, moisturizing
• Skin type: mature, sensitive
• Scent: rose
• Weight: +/- 85 grams

Rose Soap has a soothing and anti-aging effect. It soothes redness and brightens the complexion. It is recommended for dry, mature, oily and couperous-prone skin.

Rose oil is extraordinary - it is relaxing, sweet and fresh. And rosehip seed oil has equally many advantages: it has moisturizing and anti-aging properties, it soothes skin redness, brightens and regenerates the skin. It is just right for dry and damaged skin.

This soap is abundant in nourishing ingredients: coconut oil that is a cleaning agent and together with delicate castor oil they make a great lather, olive oil that is a moisturizing agent and plum kernel oil that absorbs fast into the skin. The essential oil added to the recipe gives each soap bar a delicate rose aroma. A part of the soap is coloured with a natural dye - pink mica, and dry wild rose petals are on top.

This soap is recommended for most skin types - dry, mature, oily and also couperous-prone. After washing your face with the soap, it is worthwhile to cleanse your face with a tonic or spray it with a hydrosol – e.g. with rose water.

Ingredients: Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Aqua, Sodium Prunus Domestica (Plum Kernel) Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Aroma, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Sodium Lactate, Dried Rosa Canina L., Stearic Acid, Mica.